Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My gang will eat your gang...

Don't you dare...

Concord is under new reign. Bike Trail Boozers...

1. James Sakkis (Concord/ SF)
2. John Sakkis (Concord/ SF)
3. Becky (Concord/ NYC)
4. Ryan Dempsy (Concord/ SF)
5. Demi Sakkis (Concord/ Walnut Creek)
6. Stephanie Young (Oakland)
7. Laura Jaramillo (NYC/ Philly)
8. Bret Blackburn (SF)
9. Bus Driver (honorary member/ LA)
10. Adam Venter (Concord/ Pleasant Hill)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Simpathy Group

"Take a minute, for example, to make a list of all the people you know whose death would leave you truly devastated. Chances are you will come up with around 12 names. That, at least, is the average answer that most people give to that question. Those names make up what psychologists call our sympathy group."

Saturday, January 27, 2007

OH my God, How can you not love him.

Dang, I just kinda want to hang out with him.

More on Fiji

These are the boys that were right next to my office. They took me out diving several times. Good folks, Petero, Nacaniel (Nate), Marika, Captain Bill.

My boys in Fiji...

A little bit of Fiji...

Extra. Extra. Read all about it???

Excedrin PM totally whacks you out. For three nights now I have been taking it to help me catch some much needed zzz's. EEEWWW boy, dreams galore. I think I have finally caught up on my sleep though. Anyone want to see a movie???

Friday, January 26, 2007

This is bar far the worst dream I have ever had...

Last night I woke up crying, no, sobbing. Here's why...

"I have done something wrong. I have done something terribly wrong." I heard myself say.

I then woke up in a bedroom. On the bed, sweating. Dresser, night table, lamp, carpet, all there. I woke up to knocking on the door, no, more of a banging. Some sort of commotion.

My eyes glazed, I look around the room. I notice my sister. She is frantically pacing the room. Panicky. I pause in that moment of waking up. I know it will be the only moment where I will have forgotten what I have done. Then it all comes rushing back, and I'm sucked back, hit with the situation.

The cops. The police, relentlessly hitting my door. Hitting so hard its bending and knocking dust off the frame.

The next part is a blur. I know there was a confrontation. Lots of yelling. High tension. The police spilled into the room and filled out all the nooks and crannies. Guns locked, cocked and loaded and aiming straight at me.

Somehow, we come to a conclusion, the tension eases. We all knew what has to happen. No one, not a single person, would walk out of that room until I no longer existed.

They sank into their positions, getting comfortable. All eyes/barrels on me. I could feel my skull burning there were so many scope lights on me. A general feeling of regret blanketed the room. Regret for what I had done. Regret for what they were about to do. I looked around and saw my sister squatting in the corner. Arms wrapped tightly around knees. Shivering.

I stood up, the blanket falling from my legs. I remember hearing the blanket fall to the bed, it sounded like thunder. There was the faintest, tiniest chuckle as I thought "Blankets aren't supposed to sound like that". Next thing I knew I was laying down again. On the floor this time. My head felt sticky, like I had landed on a bunch of freshly chewed bubble gum. Out of my peripheral I could see a puddle accumulating around the back of my head. I looked to the right and for the first time noticed that my bedroom had no walls. Not a single one.

There were bright lights, high above me and to the right. As they shifted their direction from me to my sister to the police my vision cleared. The stars in my eyes faded. I could finally see the environment I was in. I looked all around and everyone was there. My Theo Niko, Theo Angelo, My Nouno, Theo Peter, My Mom and Dad and Brother, all my cousins too. I am on a stage. My family the audience.

I have never felt such shame in my life. The part that hurt the worst was that they knew that. And they had all forgiven me. How could I have done something so horrible, so wrong and still be blessed with such genuinely good people in my life.

I look back around my room and notice that the police are ever so slowly back stepping their way out the door.

I prepared to expire on the floor of my bedroom. I tried with all my might to make it peaceful, to calm my racing mind. I saw the lights darkening. My family's faces blurring. I took a few deep breaths. What I thought would be my last. I remember trying to talk to God. Grasping and clawing at those last few strands of faith. I wanted to believe so badly that there is more after life. I felt extremely religious at that moment. As if God was reaching out to me. As quickly as I felt it it was gone. Whatever glimmer of hope, of light was enveloped in darkness. I knew that there was nothing for me after life. This seemed only to apply to me. As if he were showing me that there is something, I just would never be allowed to partake.

But consciousness just didn't seem to want to fade away. The world was still peeking at me through my cracked eye lids. I opened my eyes. I put my hand to my head. Without even touching it I could feel the parts of my brain missing and the parts of my personality that had gone with them. Putting my hand to my head only reinforced this. My movements were slow, lazy, and heavy. I could feel the sharpness of shattered skull and the lumpy softness of my brain. It felt absolutely foreign but at the same time explained why I was so sleepy. I tried talking but felt retarded, mumbling and slurring my words.

My sister was sobbing. I tried talking to her to calm her but just ended up mumbling. This had the opposite effect and terrified her and made her cry even harder.

I was now standing in the middle of my room. There were splinters of what used to be my furniture scattered all about. There were even a gun, a shotgun, left smoking on the floor. I couldn't break my stare. That gun held the only reasonable answer. I knew this. As I scanned the faces of my family it was apparent that they too knew this, anticipated it even. I must convince my sister of this. Would she be able to???

She was frantically shaking. I looked at her. She knew my intentions but refused to believe. I looked again at the gun.

I handed her the shotgun and lay back down and let my head hang off the edge of the bed. This time I would be ready. I looked at my sister. She limply held the gun and shook. Her shoulders, jerkily moving up and down with her sobs. Finally realizing the inevitable, she shuffled closer. One shot. Not good enough. There goes my childhood memories. She shuffles closer. Second shot. My collar bone is shattered. Again, she shuffles closer. This time close enough to put the gun to my head.

I look around. Everything is muted. All eyes on me. Flat stares. I can see it in their eyes. I have to go. I know that they will forget what I have done. I just have to go.

I look at my sister, she raises the gun, this time holding it more steadily, more intently. Her sobbing has stopped, only the lines down her cheeks remain. Her nostrils flare. Her eyes focus. She slowly leans forward and places the barrel of the gun to my forehead. For a split second I feel the heat of the last rounds fired.

And then I wake up.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

And yet another...Pake


D. I. Lemma

Total, yet not at all that substantial. I have hobbies that are completely separate from my friends. I find, more often than the other way around, that I am giving up my time and desire to partake in my hobbies so that I can hang with my friends.

What. What can't be a statement no matter how you bark it.

Lately I find that all I want to do is ride my bicycle. I am going to give a try o this idea of not drinking this weekend. See how it effects my morning mood and the number of productive hours in the day. You might be thinking that the results will be damn obvious. But let me remind you that I am a rather chipper and productive person, even with a hang over. Sometimes especially with a hang over. I know, rare breed and all.

We are doing this new soccer Sundays thing. Hopefully that pans out. I really want to play in the rain. I also like the idea of possibly, well, probably getting to slide tackle some of my friends.

Things I forgot to mention...

This place is hecka casual. Hecka jeans and tatt's and tatt's and hair. This brings me to the tattoo part I wanted to put in my last post. I want to get a tattoo. But not till I'm like forty or fifty or something. I want one at a point in my life where things might be stale and people wont be all, 'oh, tatts are just hecka popular right not.' I want one and then I want to hide it from my kids.

Tattoo's and not looking like a stiff

I love that last night I spent like, probably an hour or so picking out my outfit for my first day of work (which I am currently writing from). I even had my sister come over to put her seal of approval on it. I like even more, the fact that even after all that preperation and oppinion gathering I come into the agency adn feel like a stiff. I wore nice pants, nice shirt and tie. I thought if anything people are going to think I'm gay, not a stiff. (work out your own joke there if you want, gays, stiffs, whatevs).
Everyone here is so cool looking and lots and lots of really pretty girls. I some times feel like an ass. I get stunned, hypnotized. These girls walk up to the desk and I freeze. I'm thinking, "holy shit, she's coming to talk to me, ME!!" Then I remember "oh, I have a task to do. Direct her, DIRECT HER!!!" Then I snap out of it and go back to looking at bikes online.
By the way, I am getting a Pake. If anyone has any thing to say about that berore I buy, please do so now. As a matter of fact, if anyone is even reading this please say so now. Yeah, like right now.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

todays to do's

Today, woke up and went for run number two. My legs still hurting from the day before, I felt like I was running with steaks duct taped to my thighs...and my gut.

Had a job interview at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (remember the "Got Milk?" ads). My first day on trial job is tomorrow and then again on Friday. I guess if I like it than I say yes and sign the papers on Friday at six in the p.m. Post interview I floated down California street and onto Bart and smiled my silly ass all the way home. I am soooo sooos oo ooosoooo much closer to moving back out to the city.

I also went to Wheels of Justice, my friend Justice's bike shop in Berkeley. Hung out after hours and got my bike, this Frankenstein of a machine, tuned up. We hung out after hours just kicked and he taught me a ton about fixing my bike. By the way, its a Giant, single speed (not comfy with the whole fixie thing yet).

That brings me to now, Dim's on her way over. She's going to help me look fresh for tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

bikesbikesbikes NY movie


So I was at Truman B-day party. Brett was going to bring this girl by that she thought I might like. Whatevs, whatevs, dancing, mingling. So at one point I was dancing with said girl but was out of beer. I was on my way to the cooler but decided to stop and dance like an absolute idiot in the doorway. Said girl comes up from behind and I accidentally kick her. How was I supposed to know she was there??? Second incident. I grab Truman's pot belly statue and start getting down with the thing. Said girl decides this is unacceptable and decides to push me to the back of the hallway, near the bedrooms. While doing so she walks into a table. Now she is calling me a beater and abusive and what not. Anyway, party goes on, we talk more, dance more. When she is leaving I ask if I can call her. This is great, she looks me dead in the eye, not the slightest glint of humor and says, I don't want to be abused. Then she turns in a huff and walks down the stairs.
At this point I'm running around the party shouting "I got burned!!! I got burned!!!" Jesse Easley is my homey and he is kinda trying to pump it up and we end up just laughing our asses off.
So about an hour later I get a text from Brett. She says "'Girl' just called and asked for your number." Seriously, I hadn't even gotten half way through Brett's text when another one comes in, this one from girl. It says, "Sorry, I wanted to give you my number. I'm into S&M."


Monday, January 22, 2007


My Pappou says he couldn't sleep a wink last night because of the little girl, whom he thinks is one of his grandchildren, was crying her eyes out all night. Apparently she was so upset because she didn't have any money.
This plays into the whole fear/paranoia thing he has going on, thinking that we are stealing from him.

On to the new.
Was supposed to have an interview today, interviewer didn't show. She was rather ill. Will reschedule. I'm pretty excited about it. It's at the biggest ad agency in the city, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Responsible for Got Milk? ads.
Met my competition today. I think I like that better than not knowing what I am up against. When I had a fight I liked meeting my opponent before hand and chatting and learning about them. Kinda becoming friends. I don't know if this is weird or not.

My bike is kinda breaking down. I am getting a new one. Can't decide if I want to get the Pake or the Rush.

That's it for now.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Books and Pop's

New book: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

"Why is it that some ideas or behaviors or products start epidemics and others don't? And what can we do to deliberately start and control positive epidemics of our own?"

I like also like the idea that there are three types of people; Mavens, Connectors and Salesmen.

And some random thing that my Pappou was talking about this morning. It was pretty hard to hear.

He believes that someone in my family, most likely my Mother, had told the inspectors that there was something wrong with my Pappou's arms, legs, knees, elbows, and all his joints. So this morning a whole team of inspectors paid him a visit in his bedroom. He said that there was a whole crowd of them, just standing there not saying anything, mouths shut. Just looking down at him. He said that was why he was in the living room, he can't stand to be in that room with those people.

He also believes that there is a Mexican family living in his house.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Business Book #1

The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR

Almost through this book...I think I already knew all it had to say, it's good to see it in case study form though. Although the case studies can either be to long winded or too short sighted.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


bummed, Miami Ad School decided to go with someone else for the position. Bummer. More free time for me.

Monday, January 15, 2007

i hate this thing

So here comes numbers ten through whatever...

I also cannot refuse beer. It just tickles me. I love it so much. Just below beer however, is wine straight outta the bottle on a chilly night on the way to a house party. Second to that would be wine out of a nalgene bottle while riding my bike in the city fog.
I also like riding my bike. I like to think of it as my only mode of transportation. Now don't get me wrong, I have a truck and love the heck out of it. Lord knows you need four wheels to get around in the East Bay. However I love thinking that my bike and I are together for better or worse. Through thick and thin. I do sometimes cheat on my bike and hop behind the wheel, but what my bike doesn't know wont hurt it....right???

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lady Soveriegn -vs- Jelly Donut

Only in the Bay would a total star musician be challenged by a jelly donut. This shit was hilarious.

Not sure how to add movies yet, but this is the link....check it.

Friday, January 5, 2007

What?? That shit is weak....


"I like to ride my bycicle, I like to ride my bike..."

Man, woke up today, sick in the neck and sick in the nose, bummer. Had to get all fancied up, I can't deny that I love doing that, for my first ever interview. Well, first ever post-grad interveiw. It went well. I am going back in on Monday to shadow someone who is already working in the same position as me. Not excited about the traffic. The office is located in South San Francisco...yikes!!! If I like it/it likes me than who knows, maybe it'll be for real and I can get back into the city and out of the folks home. How nice that'd be.

Oh, the bike ride....dangdangdangson. I love riding bikes. Mine is all hecka fast. Smokin fools. My brother and I rode out to Pyramid Brewery, couple of Hefs ensued. Got me sleepy. Bombed home and passes out watching Weird Science. Woke up and passed out in my brothers room watching Aliens of the Deep (sea doc.). Now I'm debating if I want to go out for another pint at Spoon Tonic or if I want to lie in bed and love myself. I think I need the love.

First interview ever...

Miami Ad School. I don't even really know what the job entails but hell, it's a first step.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

bits and pieces

1 - I don't feel I am done brushing my teeth/tongue until I have gagged myself about three our four times.
2 - I have a bit of a tummy. Sometimes it grows and sometimes it shrinks. But I think that I will always have at least a little bit of tummy.
3 - While most people feel that flying is the number one power of choice I am kinda of the persuasion that I would rather be a climber and a swinger. I don't know, it just seems more realistic.
4 - I eat when I'm alone. I'm not sure if it is because I get lonely or because I am embarrassed about my true eating habits. I also cannot refuse food. I don't know why, but it's a plain and simple fact, food is my Kryptonite. (hint:this is where the tummy comes into play)
5 - I am more granola-y than most people know.
6- I am a lot less granola-y than some people think.
7 - Masterbating kinda falls into the same category as eating. Is this unhealthy????

sick, sick, sick

Finished the first season of Six Feet Under last night. About to start the second season. For breakfast yesterday I had about a thousand pancakes stacked high, except I couldn't get my mom to cut them for me (that always makes me feel better when I'm sick) she was doing her hair.

Two new things I am really excited for this week. First, tomorrow I have an interview at the Miami Ad School in San Francisco. May be my first step into the world of advertising. Second, I am having brunch on Sat. with the lovely Miss Jodi Adza. I hope for good weather.