Thursday, January 31, 2008

My brother is way better at blogging than I am.

This was in Los my brothers blog for details.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Contender Asia

I'd love to keep following this but we'll see. This is a recap of the first episode of the first season that aired on Tuesday night. If any of you that read this blog, all two of you out there, have the AXN Asia channel let me know...I'll bring beer/food to trade for an hour with your television.


I believe this is where you'll be able to find me come Spring.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I was bored so I googled myself, here is one thing that came up. It is the first, and as of yet, only smoker I have ever done. I was really nervous and tight, but worked what I had. In the third round I knocked my opponent into the corner with two rights and then landed two knees to his midsection and followed up with a right kick to the head. He turned, bent over, stuck out his hand, and shook his head 'no'. It was over.
As of about two weeks ago Smokers were banned. A shitty move on whatever commission has the power to ban things.

July Smoker: Huge Success!

Fight and Fitness had its best smoker yet this past Saturday. The turnout of fighters and fans was amazing. We had 18 fights and many different schools participating. The match-ups were exciting and the crowd seemed very pleased with the show.

The fights started promptly at 1:30pm with our junior fighters. Bunkerd was the referee for every fight, keeping all fighters safe and the action going! Jeremiah Quevedo from Fight and Fitness (9 years old) faced a tough opponent from Fairtex, Paul Pavototsu (8 years old.) The two showed off a fine display of muay thai skills and it was an exciting way to start the day. We had an incredible amount of our students who participated: Jeremiah Quevedo, Carlos Chavez, Stephen Lee, Doreen Wong, Gordon Chen (his opponent forfeited at the last minute), Bubba Holland, Tim Chau, Julius Mendoza, James Sakkis, Mark Quevado, and Suli Hansin.

We were also extremely pleased with the variety of schools that came to participate. It made the day all the more exciting to see the many different up and coming fighters from around the Bay. Among the schools in attendance were: Fairtex, Pacific Martial Arts, Team U.S.A., Cheetah Muay Thai, Physique Magnifique, Pacific Boxing Club, World Gym, Oakland P.A.L., Pacific Kickboxing, Thongsai Muay Thai, and Elliot’s Muay Thai. We feel very fortunate to have such a great community of muay thai and boxing schools surrounding us and making our event so successful. We send a very heartfelt thank-you to each and every team!

The fights wrapped up around 5pm and then the B.B.Q. began. Chris Cariaso cooked hundreds of burgers, chicken wings, and veggie burgers. The line was long but everyone was patient and we had a great time socializing with the fighters and fans—all and all a terrific (and hot!) day. We owe all the gratitude in the world to our friends that volunteered and help pull off this event: Alicia Simi (door person), Ra Karma Young (announcer), Chito Agsalud (time keeper), and Sixto Ponce (gear.) Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! Our next Smoker is tentatively scheduled for September 3 2004—we hope to see you all there again.

Monday, January 14, 2008


This weekend...Friday night was kind of a bust for me. My brother, Steve, Sylvia (Miss Gates), Pat, Dempsey, Scott, and I started out at Lauren khone's party where I practiced my Gyrotonics/S&M stretches. Then we went to Everyday Caitlin's B-day bash. I was feeling restless and ended up taking off. We all, except my brother, went over to 111 Minna to try to see Merkley's pictures of lower haight hussies in the nude. For some stupid reason there was a line around the block...I mean, come the fuck on, LAME. Se we had a couple of beers at a pub across the street. I was getting more and more over the night and decided to walk home alone. Steve joined me...and then Dempsey and then the rest. I broke off from them to go and have a tiff. Luckily it was short and sweet. Went home and right to bed.
Sat. I was all excited. I woke up and got freshened to go pick up my brand spanking new Brooks B-17 saddle (again, my gf is better than yours). I rode up to D-Structure to mount it on my beautiful bike and hang with Z and my brother and Sylvia. My brother was reading at last laugh cafe so I ended up there where I listened to poetry and drank Negra Modelo with my mom, my Thea Rita, my sister, and select others. After this I was off again on my bike (now with a B-17 saddle) to the TL where I witnessed some amazing cover bands (Tesla, Motley Crew, and Kiss). I got too drunk and rode home to Emma's around 1:30 where I proceeded to sit on my knees in front of her open fridge and drunkenly try to organize the condiments and produce....I failed and ended up eating a half frozen peanut butter and jelly croissant. Woke up with the bubble guts....ik.
Sunday was nice. I went to church for my Yiayia's memorial service (she passed 13yrs ago ((this was not the nice part))). I got to see all my brand new, little baby cousins, as well as all the old big one's too. One of the best parts of the day was driving around in Emma's mustang, while wearing suits and blasting Metallica's Ride the Lightning. Back in the city I killed time by sleeping and waking periodically in a panic, wondering what day it was. For the evening a group of us got together for dinner at Azekiwi's and Tamsin's place. Lovely things of all sorts were taken part of.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I work with one of the women who helped create these.

post script

I have a girlfriend, she is way better than yours.


I am trying to learn to manage/invest my money a little bit better. I think I am going to try to play with $1,000 dollars and see what I can make of that first before investing any more. I'd like to say I'll keep you posted but I probably wont.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Headings are dumb.

I woke up on sunday morning at around 7:00 or 7:30 to go pee. Except for being a bit on the freezing side everything in the NEW apartment seemed fine. After being relieved of my burden, I quickly fell back asleep. I awoke again at 11:00. My room shares a wall with the bathroom and I heard water running so I just assumed that Sylvia or Pat was in the shower. I lay around, curled in my electric blanket (thanks Mom & Dad...aka Santa). About a half an hour goes by and still, the water is running. Now this is not an excessively long shower, but I was getting impatient. I thought I would cook an egg to keep myself occupied, however, once in the kitchen I saw where the water was really coming form.
There. Is. A. Fucking. River. In. My. Laundry. Room.
The first thing I thought, or maybe I even said out loud, was "OSHIT". One word, you know? I tossed on a pair of flip flops, yes, flip flops, and waded on in. The water heater spouting water from the vent in the top, where the heat is usually pumped in. All the twisting and tugging on pipes and knobs did nothing. My next thought was that my apt. was going to fall in half. This did not happen. It was a rather anti-climactic ending to this whole mess. A guy came out, turned a knob, water shut off, he said "you need a new water heater.", I said, ok, he said "we'll be back tomorrow morning." I, again said "ok", then I left to go to work, yes, I sometimes must work on Sunday's, unshowered, unshaven, and unclean. The end.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Off to a good start...

2008, or 200hate as some are calling it, is already off to a good start. No real resolutions as of yet, but I do have a couple of ideas of where I would like to improve. Financially, of coarse is one. Number two would be with my eating habits, I need to get a damn hold on them.

NYE wasn't exactly a bust, but it was just about as anti climactic as I figured it would be. The best part would have to be drinking beer with Emma, Truman, Jt, and Dempsey in Trumans kitchen. Talking trash and acting deviant. Emma and I were actually walking up the steps to a party as people were counting down. We kissed in a hallway/living room full of strangers. I proceeded drink lots and lots of beer that I'm sure somebody was upset about and then ate some bad pizza. Emma and I walked back to her house and I thought I was going to throw up but passed out instead.

Must get back to work now...