Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tattoo's and not looking like a stiff

I love that last night I spent like, probably an hour or so picking out my outfit for my first day of work (which I am currently writing from). I even had my sister come over to put her seal of approval on it. I like even more, the fact that even after all that preperation and oppinion gathering I come into the agency adn feel like a stiff. I wore nice pants, nice shirt and tie. I thought if anything people are going to think I'm gay, not a stiff. (work out your own joke there if you want, gays, stiffs, whatevs).
Everyone here is so cool looking and lots and lots of really pretty girls. I some times feel like an ass. I get stunned, hypnotized. These girls walk up to the desk and I freeze. I'm thinking, "holy shit, she's coming to talk to me, ME!!" Then I remember "oh, I have a task to do. Direct her, DIRECT HER!!!" Then I snap out of it and go back to looking at bikes online.
By the way, I am getting a Pake. If anyone has any thing to say about that berore I buy, please do so now. As a matter of fact, if anyone is even reading this please say so now. Yeah, like right now.



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Good to see I have some readers...or reader, or whatever.

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