Thursday, May 31, 2007

My new, favorite, CHEAP!!! places to grubb...

Lee's Sandwiches
625 Larkin Street @ Willow St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

Little Henry's
955 Larkin Street
(between Cedar St & Post St)
San Francisco, CA 94109

1409 Polk
San Francisco, CA 94109


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

SFPD is cracking down on major crime. They are now spending hours of each shift sitting on their motorcycles near intersections and stop signs. Bicyclists be ware, they are ticketing only you. Cars, don't you worry about those stop signs, roll right on through. But you, you dirty cyclists, don't you even think about entering the intersection with out coming to a full and complete stop.

This feels dumb.

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey...

I like getting up at five in the morning and riding my bike all over the city. Makes me feel tough, purposefull, important and a little bit secretive. These are things I'd like to feel more often.

Last night I got my foot bitten off...

Last night I went for a hike up some cliffs off the beautiful Aegean Sea. With me were Spencer and some other kid I had met in the bike community. We get to a nice jump rock, probably about one hundred feet up and we all leap. I hit the water and immediately come down on some coral. My foot is gashed up pretty bad, basically cut in half. I swim over to some shallow rocks to the guys and show them. It doesn't hurt but I am, for some reason, extremely worried about getting it dirty on the hike out. just then the dood that I don't know that well is all "Uh-oh" and nod to a shark swimming in my direction. I scramble up the rocks a bit, dragging my leg behind me. I get my body high enough out of the water but for some reason I can't get my foot out of this pool of water on the shallow rocks. The shark swims up and clamps on. Both Spencer and dood are like "Well...Shit. What are you gonna do now. That sucks." Mean while I am trying to pry open the jaws with my hands and kicking it in the face.
I woke up to crack addicts singing the gospel.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Brother likes girls...

While on this....I don't think I could ever date a girl whose thighs didn't touch.

Friday, May 11, 2007

129 year old shiprwreck visable at ocean beach

Here's the tide chart for the next few days. Since the moon is near the New Moon phase, it's pull is waning. In two weeks the tide will get lower and the wreck will become more visible.

2007-05-10 12:31 PM PDT -0.07 feet Low Tide
2007-05-10 7:59 PM PDT 4.78 feet High Tide
2007-05-10 8:08 PM PDT Sunset
2007-05-11 1:30 AM PDT 2.30 feet Low Tide
2007-05-11 6:03 AM PDT Sunrise
2007-05-11 7:04 AM PDT 4.45 feet High Tide
2007-05-11 1:24 PM PDT 0.19 feet Low Tide
2007-05-11 8:09 PM PDT Sunset
2007-05-11 8:33 PM PDT 5.18 feet High Tide
2007-05-12 2:29 AM PDT 1.47 feet Low Tide
2007-05-12 6:02 AM PDT Sunrise
2007-05-12 8:24 AM PDT 4.39 feet High Tide
2007-05-12 2:15 PM PDT 0.54 feet Low Tide
2007-05-12 8:10 PM PDT Sunset
2007-05-12 9:08 PM PDT 5.61 feet High Tide
2007-05-13 3:21 AM PDT 0.55 feet Low Tide
2007-05-13 6:01 AM PDT Sunrise
2007-05-13 9:40 AM PDT 4.44 feet High Tide
2007-05-13 3:03 PM PDT 0.94 feet Low Tide
2007-05-13 8:11 PM PDT Sunset
2007-05-13 9:43 PM PDT 6.04 feet High Tide
2007-05-14 4:11 AM PDT -0.34 feet Low Tide
2007-05-14 6:00 AM PDT Sunrise
2007-05-14 10:49 AM PDT 4.54 feet High Tide
2007-05-14 3:50 PM PDT 1.39 feet Low Tide

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

just can't wait...

move in with becky and dempsey, june 1st...stoked...