Wednesday, January 24, 2007

todays to do's

Today, woke up and went for run number two. My legs still hurting from the day before, I felt like I was running with steaks duct taped to my thighs...and my gut.

Had a job interview at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (remember the "Got Milk?" ads). My first day on trial job is tomorrow and then again on Friday. I guess if I like it than I say yes and sign the papers on Friday at six in the p.m. Post interview I floated down California street and onto Bart and smiled my silly ass all the way home. I am soooo sooos oo ooosoooo much closer to moving back out to the city.

I also went to Wheels of Justice, my friend Justice's bike shop in Berkeley. Hung out after hours and got my bike, this Frankenstein of a machine, tuned up. We hung out after hours just kicked and he taught me a ton about fixing my bike. By the way, its a Giant, single speed (not comfy with the whole fixie thing yet).

That brings me to now, Dim's on her way over. She's going to help me look fresh for tomorrow.


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