Thursday, January 25, 2007

D. I. Lemma

Total, yet not at all that substantial. I have hobbies that are completely separate from my friends. I find, more often than the other way around, that I am giving up my time and desire to partake in my hobbies so that I can hang with my friends.

What. What can't be a statement no matter how you bark it.

Lately I find that all I want to do is ride my bicycle. I am going to give a try o this idea of not drinking this weekend. See how it effects my morning mood and the number of productive hours in the day. You might be thinking that the results will be damn obvious. But let me remind you that I am a rather chipper and productive person, even with a hang over. Sometimes especially with a hang over. I know, rare breed and all.

We are doing this new soccer Sundays thing. Hopefully that pans out. I really want to play in the rain. I also like the idea of possibly, well, probably getting to slide tackle some of my friends.

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