Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sailing/Beer Can Race

My computer has frozen three times while I have been in the middle of this post so I am not going to write the elaborite post I was going to....instead you will get this.

Went sailing on Tuesday with coworker Patty, husband John, and their friend David. It was rad, watched the sunset, the moon rise, saw seals, worked with the sails and learned a little. They asked me to be permanent on their crew although I don't know how serious they were.
I plan on taking sailing lessons throughout October and then joining a yacht club in 2008. I can't wait. More on this later, if my computer doesn't freeze, that is.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sunset Sunday in Navato

Beautiful day on Sunday at Stafford lake....lets see, things I did...

1. Got my ass handed to me in a Bocci Ball game (D'it Dempsey)
2. Got way too drunk way too fast
3. Saw tons of beautiful people
4. Danced with all the beautiful people
5. Ate someone else's food
6. Got stung/bit by a yellow jacket
7. Barried my foot in the dirt to stop stinging/biting
8. Got made fun of by multiple people for having dirty feet
9. Felt bad about dirty feet for the first time in my life
10. Faux gang/gay violence on the hood of Truman's car at 18th and Church street
11. Woke up on monday feeling awful and realized just how much I like dirty feet
12. Seriously, I really like how my feet look when they are dirty...but not so much yours.

LCD Sound System/Arcade Fire

On Friday evening I surprised my GF with Arcade Fire and LCD tickets. They were at the Shoreline Amp. I was a bit worried from the get go because Emma could not reschedule her last client which made us a bit late, also it looked like rain and Shoreline is an outdoor venue. We ended up leaving the city a little after the show started and drove down in a lightning storm. Rad.
We got there at the end of LCD's set, quickly grabbed a couple of beers and hit our seats. The seats were still filling in but those that were there were on their feet and dancing. His voice, the music, oh man, it was 1000 times better live than on their cd. We danced and hugged and kissed and danced more. Emma was in love with the disco ball, and i with her.
After LCD finished their set we hurried out to get more beer and maybe get something to eat.
When we went back to our seats the arena was packed. Absolutely everyone on their feet. Absolutely everyone singing. Absolutely everyone dancing. I have never, ever been to a show that made me want to act irrationally, but GDit, I wanted to sob. Their music was right on. As the sfist said, it was like being at church when going to church still worked. It was a really, really moving performance. I almost felt like I was watching my friends show or something. It was also like watching an elementary school play that went terribly/fantastically wrong (think Parenthood with Steve Martin) except instead of it being awful it sounded like the best band you've ever heard.
Anyway, post drinks at the Hemlock with Tory and Jose, then home to bed....perfect night.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This is me...I wish I was famous

Beer Can Races Tonight!!!

Tonight, if all goes well at work, I will be doing my first Beer Can Race. For those of you who don't know what this is, which was me as of yesterday, it is a sailboat race. I was told that they are called beer can races because everybody usually cares more about drinking and having a good time on the water than they do about actually racing. I am very excited and a bit nervous. There will only be four of us on this boat, which means that everyone will have a job to do, and I have no, absolutely no idea how to sail. Well, I will fill you in in the morning.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am absolutely in love with David Bowie

In shame...

I need to stop secretly eating all of my girlfriends (is that one word or two??) ice cream. It makes me sad and slow and it isn't helping my flexibility at all. I also need to eat more fruits and vegetables. There really is nothing like an iced pine apple, or an apple from the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, and cold grapes or blue/black/raspberries, don't even get me started.

First rain

It's time to say your good bye's. Summer has left us. I would also like to take this time to welcome the first rain of the season. I heard it on the office sky lights. I look forward to getting my face wet....but not my bike.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


work is sucking me dry.

peet's tour tomorrow morning.

gf out of town.

sailing on the brain.

right next to bike riding and gf.

or maybe in between.

beach for lunch.

didn't eat.

listened to water.

wanted to swim/leave the city.

possibly swim away.

or maybe sail or ride.

most likely drive/fly.

back in the office.

torta on my desk.

planning a trip soon.

Deep Water

An incredible story. How trapped he bacame, not only by the sea, but by the limited options his decisions were leaving him.

My latest

This summer was the first in five or six years that hasn't taken place mostly on, in, or around water. It has been the first in as long that I haven't spent in temperatures well above 100 degrees. It has been the first summer in six years that I have had to wear more than a pair of shorts and the occasional pair of flip flops/chaco's. The first summer where a majority of my time was spent fully clothed and indoors.....on land.
This being the case you can imagine my craving for the water, in fact, I believe I have written about it on here a few times. I have decided that my next water education adventure will be to take on the task of learning to sail. I have been researching schools around the Bay Area and have narrowed it down to just a couple. I am hoping that I can begin this adventure before winter settles in. I hear the sea is actually quite pleasant and forgiving this time of year.
I am also lucky enough to work in an office that has two women who have been sailing for as many years as I am old. I am so looking forward to this next experience and hope that time (if I have to wait until next spring) doesn't fizzle my enthusiasm.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Leaving things at girls houses.

For all those girls out there reading my blog (that means my sister, maybe, Britt, probably not, Mom, doubt it, I think that's all of them, well, and any others of you who happen to stumble upon this post) you should all be making more of an effort to hang out with my girl friend Emma. You might learn a thing or two. Like if you want to make a boy/me melt then drop off his/my cell phone, that he/I accidentally left at your house, at his/my place of work in a paper bag with a banana, an apple, some chocolate, and a nice card and poof, your dating a puddle of a boy.

The moral of the story is....well, l guess it's more of a brag than anything...I HAVE THE BEST GIRL FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD...

Suck on that.