Friday, January 5, 2007


"I like to ride my bycicle, I like to ride my bike..."

Man, woke up today, sick in the neck and sick in the nose, bummer. Had to get all fancied up, I can't deny that I love doing that, for my first ever interview. Well, first ever post-grad interveiw. It went well. I am going back in on Monday to shadow someone who is already working in the same position as me. Not excited about the traffic. The office is located in South San Francisco...yikes!!! If I like it/it likes me than who knows, maybe it'll be for real and I can get back into the city and out of the folks home. How nice that'd be.

Oh, the bike ride....dangdangdangson. I love riding bikes. Mine is all hecka fast. Smokin fools. My brother and I rode out to Pyramid Brewery, couple of Hefs ensued. Got me sleepy. Bombed home and passes out watching Weird Science. Woke up and passed out in my brothers room watching Aliens of the Deep (sea doc.). Now I'm debating if I want to go out for another pint at Spoon Tonic or if I want to lie in bed and love myself. I think I need the love.

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