Wednesday, July 15, 2009

today i ate...

breaky: 1/2 sausage with a smidgen of crumbled feta.
snack: 2 bananas and three truffle chocolates.
lunch: two italian? pot stickers, half a baguette, a crab melt sandwich and a side salad.
snack: a small bowl (1/2 cup) of red curried chicken with onion and bell peppers.
dinner: ??? maybe some more feta and sausage. maybe nothing. maybe a beer.

Monday, July 13, 2009

things to film

pat, dressed in a pigeon costume, pooping from a 3rd floor fire escape into a shot glass. we will need multiple angles for this.

neighbors. this will be a series of 30 second introductions to the non existent show that stars pat and i as bff neighbors. one will be us coming coming down stairs, saying hello and then realizing we are wearing the same shirt. oops. or pretty much anything cheese and blissful and neighborly and bff-ish that can be captured in 30 seconds.

friend montage. this is going to be a commercial for my friends and i to try to get more girls to hang out with us. (everyday c, i swear, we are so on the same page. we were briefing this thing out all weekend.) basically it's going to be the after school special of commercials for my friends and i. it's going to be rad.

a weekend away

sf american on sat and university falls on sunday.

adam, katie, aindreas


matt, ryan miller
ryan chatting up the local girls.

yukihiro goes pee.
oh yeah, as we're going down river, just past gorilla rock we hear "you guys want a beer!?!?" to which we reply with a solid "hell yes!" we paddled over to the left shore and hopped out and introduced ourselves to these fine young gentlemen. they then proceeded to pop open a brand new bottle of whiskey as well as produce a hand full of buds (the beer). while the boys chatted with them i took off into the dust after their dog. we ran in circles for a while, just long enough for me to feel like my heart was going to pop out of my temples. after i joined dempsey and these two boys for a little trash talking and dirty jokes. all of a sudden, the bigger guy turns to me and says something along the lines of, "you know, you have the dreamiest eyes" or something like that. dempsey and i look at each other. sensing the weirdness of his statement he then says, "i don't wanna sound gay or nothing, but...." then he tries to get his bro in law to back him up. he asks him, "if you had to give me one word to describe his eyes what would it be?" with out skipping a beat his brother in law says "blue". plain and simple. anyway, it was about to get weirder so i went chasing after the dog again and then we all hopped in the boat and paddled off.
jump lady, jump.

cohen says it's peanut butter-jelly time, peanut butter-jelly time.
dempsey done.

i've been trying to get dempsey to learn to guide for some time now. this past weekend, after a few cans of courage, i just told him to get in the guide seat and guide the hardest rapid (trouble maker) on the river. we didn't go through perfectly but he showed that he was in control the whole time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

my future is happening

that's it. i spoke with her last night. the acceptance letters wont officially be sent out for a couple more weeks but i'm in. i got in. my future is looking stressful but good. i'll be working towards something i've been enthusiastic about since high school. wish me luck.