Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last night at the Independent.

Last night was the first night that I got to see Dempsey in like, I don't know, ages.  So when he called I knew it was going to be he and I for a bit.  We walked around the hood, from Divis to Lower Haight and back again.  We talked about ex's and our futures and how to be happy.  We drank some really delicious beer and smiled.  It was good to be in his presence again.  Anyway, so we are walking along Divis and I look up at the Independent marquee.  Devendra Banhart, one of my favorite musicians is playing tonight.  Oh shoot!  I say we gotta try to get tickets knowing full well that they'd be sold out.  Anyway, no tickets.  So we go to Mini Bar and have a Pliney and chat.  On our way back down Divis. we stop in front of the Independent and this guy walks up and starts chatting.  Says he's got an extra ticket and his girl does too.  I say we gotta do it hoping Dempsey would be down.  You see I'm broke, or was broke until today.  Payday.  I had $33 in my account.  That's the lowest I've ever been.  Not fun.  Anyway, since Dempsey is such a great friend he says he'll pay for all my drinks and the tickets and everything and tops it off with a genuine "welcome back, bud."  Gotta love Dempsey.  So anyway, we make a dash for the atm and snap up the tickets and boom, we're in.  So here are a couple of my favorite songs from the big DB.  

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meg said...

that's such a great story. dempsey is the man!