Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our First night in Buenos Aires.

I think it was the only night of the whole trip that I didn't feel like I was a part of some sort of crazy adventure race. After zipping around the city and I mean serious zipping, like, keep your arms and hands inside the vehicle at all times zipping, we arrived at a hostel. We booked ourselves a room for some unreasonably cheap price and began to unwind. Sterl went straight for the bed. Oh yeah, before I forget to mention, Sterling almost died on the plane. He was unconscious and convulsing and not breathing and was 1000 degrees and his heart was racing. I was asleep for it so I didn't actually see it but Scott apparently had to keep beating the crap out of him to keep him awake and breathing.
So Sterl's out. Scott and I head down to town to get a beer and a bite. After much walking around we find a place that has a big open window and a huge wood burning grill. Above the flames are several huge spits with a half cow, pic, lamb, goat etc. on each. We sit and order a bit of everything, which apparently comes with a dozen different dipping sauces and salsas and mixes. So good. So good. We eat, we drink. We drink, we eat. I then proceeded to buy a flannel shirt, a shirt I would wear for the next four days or so.
Back at the hostel, we all fix up to go out for a few more drinks. Sterl's def. alive and well, not great but alive. So we head out for drinks. We stop at every pub, bar and restaurant getting what I have found to be a new fav. South American beverage. Quilmes Roja.  So good.Anyway, so we drink and drink and decide to get some tall boys of Quilmes and head back to the hostel to meet some folks...and by folks I mean girls.  We do.  We meet...shoot, I forget their names but they are def. Australian.  One actually worked on the Survivor show in Fiji when I took the contestants down the Upper Navua Gorge.  These girls had a nice room.  More like an apartment, separate from the rest of the hostel.  We have a few drinks, a few laughs, talk some trash and then head out to the discotech.  
We get inside and it's some mega club playing some not god awful house music.  We hang out there for way too long and I meet way too many gay guys before decided to head back to he hostel.  We end up back in our room drinking with these girls until the wee hours of the night.  I think we got to bed a little after five or so and by bed I mean bed.  No hanky panky, bed, got it.  Mind you, we have to wake up at 8 or so to drive 20 hours or so to Bariloche.  
So that was it.  Our intro to Argentina.  Meat, shopping, beer, beautiful women everywhere (even foreign ones), clubs, dancing, friends and very, very little sleep.  This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the trip. 

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