Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today I am sick.  
Today I am sneezy.
Today I have ten cotton balls shoved in every hole in my face.
Today I wondered why they make that last, bottom button slit sideways instead of vertical.
Today I listened to my coworkers talk about American Idol and thought nothing.
Today I feel good about where the weather is going.
Today I miss my female friends.
Today I miss my boy friends.
Today I will ride my bike on my usual path.
Today I will sit in the park and not drink a beer.
Today I will cuddle up with strangers.
Today I will share.
Today I will love my neighbor like myself.
Today I miss New York.
Today I miss Concod.
Today I miss Coloma.
Today I miss climbing.
Today I miss rafting.
Today I will think good thoughts about my health.
Today I miss my family.
Today I am glad I know of all these things to miss.

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