Saturday, December 9, 2006

Wainikoroluva (Luva) River 02.oct.2006

This is the more cultural experience of the trips Rivers Fiji offers. Logistically it is kind of suicide. It all starts with a two hour drive in tho the Namosi Highlands, serious bush driving, serous delirium. We end up at Nakavika Village for Savusavu with the chief. I didn't know it until we arrived at the village but one of our guides, Andre is the chiefs oldest son and is next in line. However, you'd never suspect, he is so modest. Of all the guides I have met so far Andre is the most approachable and welcoming.
Kava is a root that is pounded into a fine powder and mixed with water. It has a mild taste and makes your mouth numb and is very relaxing. It is often called Grog, cause it makes you quite groggy if you drink enough of it. It just kind of puts a cloud over everything...makes things foggy. Since I am the new guy in town I had to drink two Tsunami bowls. Now the bowls are made of coconut shells and there are low tide bowls (small), high tide (large bowls), and TSUNAMI bowls (skull sized bowls). I was very relaxed and kept chuckling while talking.
From Nakavika we head back to the bus and then to put in. For this trip we ride inflatable kayaks. It's all class II water, but what the rapids lack is made up by the scenery.
It rained all day, but this is my favorite time to raft anyway. The 'Luva River runs into the Lower Navua. We rolled our boats here and hopped into Punt boats for the ride down the Navua. These Punt boats are crazy. Only about 4' wide and 20' long and wobbly as all hell. There was also a wild boar, still alive, and tied up in the back of the boat. The driver would give an innocent smile every time the boar squealed and tried to wiggle (thrash) itself free.

Today is also the first time I've been able to eat in about two days. My butt and mouth keep erupting. Guide school starts tomorrow and I hope I am ready, both physically and mentally.

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