Saturday, December 9, 2006

First full day in Fiji, Upper Navua Gorge, (28,sept. 2006)

I wake up after one hell of a storm. It's 5:30am. The sky looked like it might hold off on the sobbing for my first day. I don't even know where to start with the trip I went on. It felt weird to be a guest on a rafting trip. I didn't know how to act. Whatevs, I needed to learn the river before I could teach it. I couldn't help but think that I was so cool, I know this sounds lame, but the novelty of being in Fiji was hitting hard. Hitting even harder was that I was flown here to teach rafting.
The put in was about an hour and a half a way, about an hour of which was on a ridiculously sketchy dirt path....super muddy four wheeling kinda path. I couldn't help but wish that I were barefoot, feet in the mud, like Brazil. It would take some time for my feet to toughen up though.
The river temperature is in the mid 70 degree range. The gorge, oh my god, the gorge. Walls that rise straight up just under two hundred feet. Walls sometimes no wider than the boat. Jungle creeping over the edges, waterfalls (kavu) coming down all around.
I have never before drug my jaw or had to wind my tongue or rub my bulging eyes before...but this place will do that to you.
Great first day in Fiji.

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