Saturday, December 9, 2006

Grogged out (10.oct.2006)

I would love for nothing more than to just read my book and not have to worry about recording any of this crap. Like anyone is going to read it anyway.

I just arrived home from Andre and Ateca's (pronounced Atetha) house. We have been sitting on mats all night drinking Tanoa (large serving bowl, about the size of a large family size salad bowl) after Tanoa of Kava. We had Lamb sausage and noodles for dinner. The house is quite modest, two small bedrooms, kitchen and communal room together and a bathroom. Their whole house could fit into my old Steiner st. living room. As for the Kava session. Well, as I said, we all sat on mats. In the center of the room was a large Tanoa carved from a single piece of wood. Andre opened the ceremony by clasping his hands together and rotating them once in a clockwise circle over the bowl while giving thanks in Fijian, Namosi dialect.

From here we drank Bilo after Bilo (coconut cup). They mostly made me drink high tides. Before accepting the cup you must clap once, drink all in one go, and then after you say MACA (pronounced Matha). You go around and around until you can't drink anymore, are unconcious, or can't see straight.

After this session I could not control my legs. I could see them, I could see where I wanted to step, I just couldn't hit my target. I walked much like a drunk, swerving back and fourth, hitting the walls.

Kava, I think I love you.

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