Monday, December 11, 2006

Nakavika School Trip #28.nov.2006

Today was a special day not only for the school children of Nakavika, but for me as well. Every year Rivers Fiji does a special trip for the kids in primary school, their teacher Maria and school master Venacio. Man, what a blast.
The morning Savusavu with Chief Leo. Serasio was there again. What a beautiful little boy. I will have to post his picture here, you'll see. When Savusavu was done we went out and met the children. You could feel the excitement in the air. There were about twenty of them, all smiling and grinning and teasing each other. Bosilio and Petero brought rafts for them to ride in.
These kids are so polite and well behaved. At lunch they all lined up with out being told and each got some juice and a sandwich and then went and sat down. They all sat in a line on the rivers edge, eating and quietly chatting.
It would make any parent proud how well behaved these kids were....that is until I got involved. I started grabbing them and tossing them in the water and wrestling with them and having splash fights.
Of all the things I have done here, of all the places I have visited, I like none more than being in Nakavika village in the Namosi highlands.

pser....on the 7th-8th Bosilio says that he is going to take me out into the bush. two days on a river that's never been run, the Wainikovo river. Fish for eels and prawns...can't wait.

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