Monday, December 11, 2006

First dive ever...#26.nov.2006

Dive #1: Carpet Cove, 18meters
Dive #2: Pearl Rock, 18meters

Fish, fish, fish, colors, colors, colors, pressure, pressure, panic, panic, relax....

Two Lyon fish. Beautiful. Big.

I got real nervous during the second dive. Started to panic and couldn't breath. I just needed to calm down.

I am reading about sharks right now. I thought it might ease the fear, nope. I am now totally irrationally frightened of sharks. Joeli, our instructor, he is in constant contact with Tiger, Bull, White and Black tips. No cage/armor/protection of any kind. By the way, these are known as some of the most aggressive sharks. He feeds them by hand. If they get out of hand all he has to defend himself is a metal rod.

:::::Unknown date::::::
Today Bruce went on his second dive. After the dive he was doing his 200meter swim test across the channel outside of the Pearl Resort. While climbing out of the water he stepped right on a stone fish. Two sting, neurotoxin. He said he could see the toxins climbing in black/blue/purple splotches up his leg. To neutralize the poison you put your foot in hot water. We have a tea maker, so they emptied it into a bucket. Before they could put cool water in Bruce's foot was submerged. He said the pain was like having lightening strike you foot at the same time as someone is beating the hell out of it with a sledge hammer, and now it is in boiling water, his skin is bubbling and blistering. Good news though, the hot water killed all the toxins.

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