Monday, December 11, 2006

Flash Flood #21.nov.2006

Upper Navua.
Average day. Actually its scorching, my skin hurts. I've never sweat so much from inactivity.
Guides: Moses Batarua, Andre, Pita.

After lunch, like clockwork, it started to rain. The rain only got heavier, stronger, thicker, darker. It started coming down in heavy waves. But not like waves in the states where they only last a few seconds. These waves would last minutes with heavy gusts of wind that didn't quite.
The river flashed. At take out I actually stood there and watched a rock become submerged in just about a minute. The river climbed about five feet up the bank every two or three minutes. By the time the truck was loaded and ready to go the water was climbing up the back tires.
On the drive out the jungle looked so alive. I kinda felt like it was watching us, like it could have closed in on the road anytime it wanted to. The bridge we have to cross to get to the Queens road was gone. About five feet under water. All that was there now was a huge wave, big rapids. Eventually it went down to about two feet above the bridge and we just said to hell with it and went for it. We got home safely, wet, but safely. Beautiful rain.

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