Friday, May 22, 2009

harassed on the streets

today, as i was riding down golden gate towards the city.  a car sped up to me and began honking.  there was a red light in front of me so they had no where to go.  i slowed to a stop.  then they pulled up along my left side and began talking shit.  it was an suv filled with a bunch of black boys probably in their mid teens.  they looked very, very high.  they told me that i wasn't in a car.  i told them that that was pretty observant of them.  then they told me to 'get the fuck outta the road.'  and began chucking.  they said 'you aint a car.  what the fuck are you doing in the road?  you aint supposed to be there.'  and then they began chuckling and swearing at me while talking to each other.  you know, like saying 'this stupid mother fucker'  and 'look at this mother fucker'  things like that.  so i told them to fuck off to which they responded 'What!'  to which i then told them to go fuck them selves.  that they if they are going to talk shit then they better know what the fuck they are talking about.  the light then turned green and they drove off and i went on my way to get a vietnamese sandwich and a gai bao.

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