Friday, May 22, 2009

last night...

the girl of my dreams moved away.  it tore my heart apart.  oh, we wrote for a while.  talked on the phone.  but soon that faded.  i thought that she had forgotten about me.  i tried my best to move on.  to forget.  i became a teacher at my old elementary school, woodside.  i taught the second grade.  34 amazing students in my class.  it happened at the 10:10 recess.  it was a sunny morning, crisp.  she walked out onto the black top.  she walked straight out of the sun.  we were adults now but she still looked like a child.  she walked right up to me and put her arms around me.  we met that afternoon to catch up.  we picked up right where we'd left off.  and then she told me.  she told me about how she'd met a boy and they'd been married for about a year now.  showed me the ring.  i feigned interest.  she tried to soften the blow by telling me that her new job would have her traveling back home a few days each month.  that we'd be best friends again.  i knew better.  as she promised, she was back the next month.  we began having an affair.  for five days a month, she was mine and i was hers.  this lasted until september or so.  i didn't see her all winter.  not a word.  not a letter.  i was back at school, trying to forget again.  it was early july.  the bell had just rung and the kids were funneling out the door.  running down the halls.  it was late may when she walked back into my life again.  this time she hugged me tighter, harder.  like she wasn't holding anything back.  we held each other for a long time.  it's funny.  i couldn't feel it in her breathing but i could tell she was crying.  i cold feel the chill of her tears on my neck.  i pulled her away from me to look into her face.  just as i did i heard a little boy say 'mommy'.  he was about three or four.  she stretched out her hand calling him over.  his name was james too.  right then i knew.  i knew that this beautiful boy was mine.  i was then introduced as i knew i should be.  as his father.  he ran over and wrapped his tiny arms around my neck.  i picked him up and looked at her.  we didn't say anything but i knew, i knew that she was mine from now on.  as i had been hers all along.  i woke up with crying this morning.

ps..i think i just dreamed in that a color. ha.

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