Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Sailing

This Sunday I participated in OCSC's sign up and sail for the first time.  Justin had expressed interest in sailing so I invited him along as well.  We didn't know any of the other people we would be sailing with but I gotta say we couldn't have been luckier.  Our group was rad.  We set out on Catalina 36 named Villhanna (or something like that).  

We spent the morning tacking out towards the Golden Gate

And then cut back around Angel Island where we stopped for a little picnic. 

Angel Island.
I didn't know any of that. ^
We were bombarded by birds, gulls, geese, pigeons and crows.  They all looked good enough to eat.

You can't even tell that I just got out of the bathroom, huh?

This is as close as you are going to get to a celebrity crotch shot from me.
Justin holding on for dear life.  Oh god!

Drew Maneuvering like a pro.
Our beautiful city.

Enjoying each others company and conversation.  

Justin playing shark bait.
Rail meat.
Drew at the helm.
Justin took the helm and sailed us back to the Berkeley marina.

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