Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yosemite/Groveland/Saint Valenwhoneedsyou?


Snow.  Woot.

Believe it or not this is a real card game and we tried to play it, however it pretty much consisted of everyone yelling at each other about the rules and then everyone would have to drink for something and then we would yell some more.  
Scott and Amy.

This pic makes the game seem fun.
This pic makes it look exhausting and not fun.  

It was frightening.

So we decided to run through the snow in the woods at night and push people into barbed wire fences while they are trying to climb over them.  
The cabin.

We drove a lot.

I didn't make a snow man, but I did carve a face into some snow on a table.  He's bored.

Apparently you have to stalk your shot.  The pictures around here can see you coming from a mile away so you must dress like a DB hunter to get the shot.

Beer and wine and lunch in a bread bowl.
The Iron Door Saloon.  People are crazy here.  Like crazy no teeth.  Crazy super horny.  Crazy crotch thrust dance.  Crazy depressed and overwhelmed bar tender crazy.  Crazy Asian guy with a mullet crazy.  Just crazy.


The Iron Door.

Scott, me, Mark and Sara.


Scott & Kay.

Jeff getting choked out by Amanda.


El Capitan.

Um, another El Capitan.
The Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite.  We rocked that fire place for a few hours, a few bottles of wine and just long enough to get to know two 'off' employees and a bunch of semi lame guests.
We were drunk so we thought all of them were great though.
Oh yeah, we all took our shoes off and pretended that we owned the place.  Booyah!!!  Smell that.

An 'off' employee.
The other 'off' employee was a Ralph Machio look alike who had no idea how to wait on customers or what the meaning of customer service is or how not to talk trash about his employer, the hotel, in front of other guests.  
Oh yeah, you could sit IN the fire place. 

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