Thursday, September 11, 2008

I do

I'd like to work at a butcher shop for obvious reasons.  
I'd like to learn Spanish, Thai, Greek and Portuguese.
I'd like to have my own herb garden.
I'd like to have a pet dog or pig.
I'd like to have a posse.
I'd like to live abroad.
I'd like to work in ecotourism.
I'd like to teach kids about the outdoors.
I'd like to feel better about what I'm doing today.
I'd like to be closer to my extended family.
I'd like to get filthy.  Like muddy, dirty, dusty, crusty filthy.
I'd like to walk barefoot in the muck.
I'd like to shave my head.
I'd like to have a six pack.
I'd like to ride my bike every where.
I'd like to have more people to ride my bike with.
I'd like to have a cold beer on a hot day.
I'd like to swim.
I'd like to pick up the guitar again but my brother broke the strings over tuning it.
I'd like to live where the sun shone and the water is warm and blue.
This list can go on but I'd like it to end.

I think I am going to go and grab a beer from the work fridge.  I ate some bad sushi today.  I knew it was bad because the fish was brown and stiff and stank.  I ate it anyway.  Well, some of it.  I feel like a glass of wine to tide me over for the last hours at work but I know I'll be drinking beer later so I think that's what I'll have.  
I'm having a hard time remaining in the city on the weekends.  I think I might try to stick around this weekend.  There are a few things going on and I kind of just feel like having drinks, laying low and spending much needed time with much appreciated friends.  I miss my friends.  Truman, Easley, Britt, Steve, Dempsey, John, Dimbo, Brett that means you.  I hope to see you tonight.  Let's hug.


Brittany said...

what's tonight? i think i'm grabbing a drink. if you want to grab a drink.

i've been looking for the chia pet herb thing and i can't find it. care to buy me one and i'll pay you back?

John Sakkis said...

i wouldn't call what i did to your guitar "over tuning"...

i think i was just twisting the twisty things around and the string broke...