Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last night I had a dream...

I was living on the east coast.  It was summer.  I had been out driving around the city in a Ferrari that this girl I was dating was letting me borrow.  It was Halloween so there were lots of little kids out running around dressed like skeletons and goblins and super heroes.  It was a super hot Halloween so there were also kids playing in fountains and sprinklers and with hoses.  It was getting late in the evening and I knew that this girl was having a party and that I was supposed to spend the evening with her so I drove up to her apartment.  She was asleep and wanted to go to my place to sleep in peace.  I was driving to my place so that we could go to bed.  I really wanted to go out though so I convinced her to go back to her place and that she could sleep in my arms and that way I could be out and social while she slept against my chest.  Some how she agreed and when I pulled back up to the party I woke up.  

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