Thursday, May 8, 2008

Morning weight: 192 lbs.

It always seems to be the weekend that does me in.  Too much beer, too many opportunities to eat great food.  Nothing to do but drink and eat.  Hopefully this weekend I wont get sucked into that trap again.  My Thea Anna and Theo Angelo's party this Saturday night will be a bit of a test.  But then again, when it's a test involving food I usually fail....and happily.
There are a couple of things going on this weekend that might help.  On Saturday I will be doing one of two things.  I may be going bouldering in Berkeley with my buddy Ben, or I may be heading up to the Merced to try out my rowing on some class IV white water.  Either one will help me work up a good appetite for an evening of Greek themed goodies.


Anonymous said...

nothing to do but drink and eat!! I resent that comment.


Sakkis said...