Monday, January 14, 2008


This weekend...Friday night was kind of a bust for me. My brother, Steve, Sylvia (Miss Gates), Pat, Dempsey, Scott, and I started out at Lauren khone's party where I practiced my Gyrotonics/S&M stretches. Then we went to Everyday Caitlin's B-day bash. I was feeling restless and ended up taking off. We all, except my brother, went over to 111 Minna to try to see Merkley's pictures of lower haight hussies in the nude. For some stupid reason there was a line around the block...I mean, come the fuck on, LAME. Se we had a couple of beers at a pub across the street. I was getting more and more over the night and decided to walk home alone. Steve joined me...and then Dempsey and then the rest. I broke off from them to go and have a tiff. Luckily it was short and sweet. Went home and right to bed.
Sat. I was all excited. I woke up and got freshened to go pick up my brand spanking new Brooks B-17 saddle (again, my gf is better than yours). I rode up to D-Structure to mount it on my beautiful bike and hang with Z and my brother and Sylvia. My brother was reading at last laugh cafe so I ended up there where I listened to poetry and drank Negra Modelo with my mom, my Thea Rita, my sister, and select others. After this I was off again on my bike (now with a B-17 saddle) to the TL where I witnessed some amazing cover bands (Tesla, Motley Crew, and Kiss). I got too drunk and rode home to Emma's around 1:30 where I proceeded to sit on my knees in front of her open fridge and drunkenly try to organize the condiments and produce....I failed and ended up eating a half frozen peanut butter and jelly croissant. Woke up with the bubble guts....ik.
Sunday was nice. I went to church for my Yiayia's memorial service (she passed 13yrs ago ((this was not the nice part))). I got to see all my brand new, little baby cousins, as well as all the old big one's too. One of the best parts of the day was driving around in Emma's mustang, while wearing suits and blasting Metallica's Ride the Lightning. Back in the city I killed time by sleeping and waking periodically in a panic, wondering what day it was. For the evening a group of us got together for dinner at Azekiwi's and Tamsin's place. Lovely things of all sorts were taken part of.

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