Friday, December 14, 2007

My family

My brother is sick, but he is still sort of interesting.

My sister smiles a whole bunch and sometimes she jumps at you and her hair looks like springs sticking out of her a good way, like a sun shiney good way.

My Baba is also sick, which I feel like is a really rare thing. When he gets sick it sometimes looks like his face is sliding off of his head, it gets really long. He wears his blue and black stripped robe and reads the paper and eats avgolemono by the bucketfull. He sometimes trotts after you and will flipflap smack you on the shoulder or butt or head and then challenge you to a game of foosball....which he thinks he is good at.

My Mama is the sweetest, cutest, word mispronounciest, wonderful, spirited woman. If she can't make you smile, well, then you are doomed. I think the government should hire her....for whatever.


shasta daisy said...

Live with your parents for a while...let them love you and take care of you...sounds like you have a beautiful family.

Take care of yourself Jamesy Cakes.

BTW...sometimes I hate the fog too...but sometimes I can get "lost in the fog" a magical place.

Miss seeing your posts on Claycord.

Cradle to Cradle...thanks!!!

Sakkis said...

Thanks SD. As of right now it looks like that might be the case. I have been hunting like crazy for an apt. with no luck, until sat. afternoon. Now I am just waiting to see if my application made it to the top of the few dozen others....Thanks for the kind thoughts and words though. Concord does sound nice.