Wednesday, December 12, 2007

East Bay here I come...

From the looks if it I may be moving back out to the East Bay for a couple of months. Back to Concord. Back to my parents house.
While it's not an ideal way to start the new year there are a couple of perks. I will get to save lots of money. I will be riding my bike a lot more hopefully (it is winter and rain may be a slight damper, no pun intended, on actual road time.), and...well, I guess that's it.
My weeks will most likely be split between Emma's apt. and my parents house. Hmmmm....I have yet to figure out a schedule that would make this as seamless as possible. Things I will have to consider are getting to work from the East Bay with a bike. Bart officially hates bikes...and most of its passengers for that matter. Bringing enough clothing to stay a couple of days at Emma's. Hauling around my training gear for Muay Thai. And much, much more. I will keep you updated on my search and how bright or dim the future of Mr. Cakes being a SF resident looks.

As of right now, Sylvia from D-Structure, this guy Pat who is totally great, and I are looking to convert a two bedroom into a three. Our cap out price is $2,100. We have found absolutely nothing. Well, nothing except this nice little apartment about a block away from Emma's place down on 14 and S. Van Ness. There is just one problem, the building management company is a nightmare. Yelp them, Makras Realty, absolute nightmare. I don't want to get involved with someone like this....but it is either a nightmare bulding manager or my parents as landlords....I think I would rather go with the parents.


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