Monday, October 1, 2007

Saturday's are full of Love

Love Parade, erherm, I mean Love Fest.

Started the day out early with steve and a shower and a beer and a mustache. That sounds alot more gay than it actually was, the only thing I shared with Steve was the beer. Anyway, we got started around 11am and took a walk to Saigon Sandwich and then down to Market to catch the Parade/fest/whatever. There were, as expected, lots and lots of naked men. Most were old and saggy and greying in all the wrong areas. Most were tiny too. Oh, and they were all over accessorized, if you know what I mean. There was also the stereotypical AP (American Apparel) girls. You know the type, tube socks, small shorts, tiny shirt/or no shirt with nip sticks. There were also the ever annoying hippies, thugs, out of towners, kids hoping to get a look at some boobies, and then the occasional tourist with the 'what the hell am I walking through' look on their face.
The morning was fun. Steve and I sat high up on a dumpster drinking our beer and taking pictures and laughing at all the crap. The music was semi aweful until about the last third of the parade. We then followed, got lost, were then found, and began to follow again, the parade to Civic Center where we would meet up with the rest of the parea.
There we found the usual suspects, and then we began drinking a bit more heavily.
Seeing people I met at the last Love Parade.
Walking around asking 'where the hell are we going?'
More walking.
Bad music.
Needing to get the hell out of there.
Home with a NewCastle and Ellie.
Back to the parade only to decide that I can't stand hearing any more blasted electronica and don't want to look at anymore drunk costumed out people realizing that they are half naked in a bad part of the city alone and did I mention that they were half naked.
Home to drink some more with my favorite people on the planet, my brother, my girlfriend, and Dempsey. Hemlock....crazy.home.


everydaycaitlin said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say "over accessorized".

Jamesy-Cakes said...

Couldn't they have at least trimmed??
De wrinklefy???
Gross all the way around.