Monday, October 1, 2007

Friday at the Independent

Dempsey & Azikiwee & Tamsin & Me.

Magic Bullet & JuiceBoxxx & Bando Do Role.

Magic Bullet: Rockishly dancy. Drums were phenominal. Awesome.

JuiceBoxxx: Electro rap. Played over an ipod. Crowd surf. Speaker standing. Garbage can climbing/falling over in. Hit himself in head with mic. Awefull outfit...possibly kmart or walgreens. Terrible hair...possibly beatles/bowl/knight/just plain bad. Pants on too high.

Bando Do Role: Brazilian Baile Funk. Amazing, regardless of tech. difficulties. Really fun. Dancing, screaming. Playful on stage, wrestling, spitting beer. Croch grabbing.

The tops. Over all, it was one damn fine show. Lots of crowd/band interaction.

ps..thanks dempsey, it was good having a night out with you.

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