Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LCD Sound System/Arcade Fire

On Friday evening I surprised my GF with Arcade Fire and LCD tickets. They were at the Shoreline Amp. I was a bit worried from the get go because Emma could not reschedule her last client which made us a bit late, also it looked like rain and Shoreline is an outdoor venue. We ended up leaving the city a little after the show started and drove down in a lightning storm. Rad.
We got there at the end of LCD's set, quickly grabbed a couple of beers and hit our seats. The seats were still filling in but those that were there were on their feet and dancing. His voice, the music, oh man, it was 1000 times better live than on their cd. We danced and hugged and kissed and danced more. Emma was in love with the disco ball, and i with her.
After LCD finished their set we hurried out to get more beer and maybe get something to eat.
When we went back to our seats the arena was packed. Absolutely everyone on their feet. Absolutely everyone singing. Absolutely everyone dancing. I have never, ever been to a show that made me want to act irrationally, but GDit, I wanted to sob. Their music was right on. As the sfist said, it was like being at church when going to church still worked. It was a really, really moving performance. I almost felt like I was watching my friends show or something. It was also like watching an elementary school play that went terribly/fantastically wrong (think Parenthood with Steve Martin) except instead of it being awful it sounded like the best band you've ever heard.
Anyway, post drinks at the Hemlock with Tory and Jose, then home to bed....perfect night.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

i still don't understand why THE ARCADE FIRE is so damned popular.

they're OK. but everybody seems to go nuts for them.

you know what you should try listening to? ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN.

that's who the arcade fire rips off regularly.


Jamesy-Cakes said...

People are nuts over them because they are amazing period.

I think it was you who started introducing them around wasn't it. I remember my brother called from Boulder and we were talking music and he was all, 'LRS really like this band, I think you'd love'em. Check them out.' Or some such conversation.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

i think john told me about them. i really liked them for about 2 seconds. then i got over it and was surprised to see that everybody else was still all ga-ga for them. they're not doing anything all that special, and certainly nothing new. like i said:


listen to them.

Jamesy-Cakes said...

Until your dad got a job...

Listening to Echo right now.

Also, Arcade Fire's new album sounds heavily influenced by Springsteen. I still love them. You can't argue me out of that. But I see what you are saying.

Their show....oh man, it was the tops.

Jamesy-Cakes said...

I never thought of the Arcade Fire as Echo-ish, and after giving it a second listen, I still don't hear it. At most it is barely/faintly similar...but not really.

John Sakkis said...

just give logan the thumb.

Anonymous said...

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