Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sunset Sunday in Navato

Beautiful day on Sunday at Stafford lake....lets see, things I did...

1. Got my ass handed to me in a Bocci Ball game (D'it Dempsey)
2. Got way too drunk way too fast
3. Saw tons of beautiful people
4. Danced with all the beautiful people
5. Ate someone else's food
6. Got stung/bit by a yellow jacket
7. Barried my foot in the dirt to stop stinging/biting
8. Got made fun of by multiple people for having dirty feet
9. Felt bad about dirty feet for the first time in my life
10. Faux gang/gay violence on the hood of Truman's car at 18th and Church street
11. Woke up on monday feeling awful and realized just how much I like dirty feet
12. Seriously, I really like how my feet look when they are dirty...but not so much yours.

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