Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Night 8/28/2007

Things that happened after work.

My amazingly pretty gf picked up my door from the hardware store.

I measured the door and guess what....the frame doesn't fit. Becky's dad assures me that this is not a problem and that he foresaw this happening. phhheeeeww.

I was in a bit of a mood last night (I only found out that it wasn't a problem this morning) about my door not fitting so I decided to combine some of my favorite things and rode my bike to my gf's apartment. We went on a walk with her big, fat, arthritic dog and played in the park. I was happy...the happiest part of my day, hands down.

I met up with Dempsey to do a little night ride. Coming up Broadway I was shocked, stunned and a little thrown off by my inability to tell the difference between the girls hanging outside of bars having a cigarette in between beers and the ones hanging out waiting to sell themselves. Girls look whorish in that area. Oh, and then I was almost killed by some idiot vale threw his door open came with in mere inches of me. I was glad when I heard the guy who was picking up the car yell at the guy to watch it. My general opinion of this kind of thing is that as long as there is no harm than hopefully that person was spooked enough to think before they go flying car doors open again. Hopefully. I did flip him the old bird though.

When we got home we drank a bottle of cheap wine in my room and talked about our good fortune.

Becky got home, stumbled and fumbled with her keys, the lock on our front door, and her pride for about five minutes before being able to let herself into her own apartment. This was apparently, as I learned this morning, a post hanging out with my brother John at the Fly bar and being served FREE drinks by Orth, Becky. She was a bit trashed. It was fun...lots of hugging ensued and undertones of heart to hearts to come.

It was a good night.

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