Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summer Camp 1990

Oh man, I was playing a shared itunes at work and this song came on. This takes me back. Its funny how a smell or a sound can, in a flash, take you back years and years.

Just like that I was back in the lodge at camp Ravencliff. I am maybe ten or eleven years old. It is the dance night and I am wearing some stoopid button up, short sleeve, greenish shirt. I am dancing with the only girl that existed, Nina Mohan. Its a slow dance (I know, slow dance to Metallica=What??!!??). But it's a slow dance and my hands are around her waist and hers are on my shoulders. This was actually more awkward than it sounds, for she was seventeen or eighteen. We're dancing right near the front of the lodge, near the trading post. We're just rocking back and forth and holding each other. I could've died right then and there. She was, at the time, all there was to life. I mean I was obsessed with this girl. My crush lasted a whopping six years. I would write her name in all my journals, over and over. I would write her all kinds of love letters and everything I did I did for her. It's funny thinking back, how childish it was. But this song, this song always stayed with me as the song I danced with Nina Mohan to....Metallica.

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