Monday, March 26, 2007

Things to Accomlish (from 2000)

1- Scuba Certification (Accomplished in Fiji, Nov. 2006)
2- Rock Climbing (Accomplished 2000)
3- White Water Rafting (Accomplished in May 2001, Professional guide on South/Middle fork American River, Upper Navua River in Fiji, and Weinekorolavu River in Fiji)
4- Learn Herbal Remedies (The Hippie in me is lingering so this one is kinda constant)
5- Learn to cook (I'm Greek and I grew up in the kitchen with my Mom...)
6- Learn to play guitar (I did, but I lack the discipline to practice. I get restless)
7- Go back packing (Accomplished in May of 2005, Vantana Wilderness)
8- Take tons of pics (Done and done, all the time)
9- Learn Greek (I am still working on this one)
10- Gardening (I have accuired quite a green thumb over the past few years, 2004-2007)
11- Learn to Surf (After scuba diving with sharks in Fiji and reading books on the matter I have decided that I am ok if I don't learn this least in San Francisco waters....white sharks like woah)

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Vasiliki Demetra said...

James, I love this. What a great list of things to accomplish. I feel you on so many of them too! We're turning into the people we want to be. Shaping and sculpting. Love you Jamesy.