Monday, December 11, 2006

White Tip...Sunday.3.dec.2006

Scuba dive. Saw a White Tip shark, maybe a little over a meter long. It rained last night so the rivers are running brown and flushing tons of particles into the sea. Visibility is low. This is also great conditions for shark attack. Murky, early morning, only two of us diving. Yikes.

I took a drive down east, towards Suva. Just passed the road to Namosi Valley. Now I am stopped sitting outside of a small village that sits atop a hill on the coastal side of the Queens road. It is actually more of a squatters settlement. It was established by an ex-convict and now is made up mostly of ex-cons.
It is a nice looking village though. Beautiful bridge, all the bures are thatch hut style, none of this aluminium siding stuff. The beam through the roofs actually have branches growing on them.
Fijians use the Balabala tree (fern tree) for a cross beam of their roofs as well as for the walkway.

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