Monday, December 11, 2006


Took final exam for my Open Water coarse, passed.

Tomorrow I go on my final training dive with Joeli. Bruce wont be joining us, he is off to New Zealand. I am curious to see how the dynamics of the hose change, just Tom, Erik and I.

So far today; Exam, Pearl for beer, Ocean for swim. Surprising enough I haven't spent all that much time in the sea. I am on an island and most of my water time is spent in fresh river water. Rarely do I go in the sea.

On Thursday we took three cast members and the crew of the Survivor series down the Upper Navua. All of our guide school boys worked that trip and did very well. I was especially worried about Kinivuwai, but he proved to me that I have nothing to worry about. Trip went smooth, smoother than anyone expected.
The crew brought butt loads of beer for the drive out. It was a long day so that by the time we were at take out it was dusk. By the time we start our descent it is pitch dark and pouring rain. Satia, our driver was hauling ass. The jungle flashing by the windows. The executive producer kept getting up and giving drunken speeches and swearing at the crew, in a loving way. Soon he stood up and started add libbing a song; "Goddamn, the Rafting Man". Soon we all joined in and we were all drunk and singing and clapping and stamping and drinking and laughing.
This was a great day. Great crew, great river, great company.

I have a growing concern about the future (cheese). My future Career path seems overwhelming and frightening. I am constantly analyzing what kind of success I want to pursue.

Commander Bainimarama (Bananarama) has decided to postpone the Coup, extending the deadline for his demands. He will wait till Monday, midday.

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