Saturday, December 9, 2006

Guide school boys (12.oct.2006)

Guide school will consist of:

Josateki Tanalaba (Tanalamba)
Jovilisi Taleqa (Talenga)
Tobia Matavura
Kinivuwai Ratuvio (whome we call Kini Kalavo. Kalavo is like someone who sticks around and drinks so long as you are buying, its also a rat, its also a lush...its just Kalavo)

Josateki: skinny, long faced, looks like an illustration you'd see on an old '70's funk album.
Jovilisi: yoked, stalky, hard working, doesn't give up, quite at first, intent on learning.
Tobi: assertive, confident, average looking, quickest to catch on, he is a natural.
Kini: huge language barrier, says yes to everything, even when he doesn't understand.

I love these names, soon I will love these guys too.

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