Thursday, May 7, 2009

things chinese people love

spaghetti.  i don't quite understand why.  they just do.  i've been in several shops in china town and at a whole bunch of them you can substitute spaghetti for rice.  it's crazy.  it's not even like chinese noodles that they are calling spaghetti by accident or anything.  it's full on spaghetti and meatballs, spaghetti with cheese and ham,  spaghetti with plain tomato sauce.  i love it.
also, i think china town is starting to accept me.  normally when i head up there on my lunch break i have to dodge snot rockets and loogies and return to the office with bruised ribs from being elbowed by little, four foot tall, grey haired ladies.  not today my friends, not today. after my lunch, which was spicy eggplant in a pork sauce over rice, the lovely lady said astonished 'oh, you must be hungry.'  which pleases me on two levels.  first, i like when people notice how much i like food.  second, i love when...well, i guess this just pleases me on one level.  but right after this she said, 'oh, you a growing boy.  let me bring you some jello.'  and not only did she bring me some jello, she brought me two portions.  shit yeah!!  
i'd been eyeing that place for a while.  it may become a regular stop for me.  mm-mm-good.

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everydaycaitlin said...

that is the best looking spaghetti i have ever seen in my entire life.