Friday, May 29, 2009

Kink Khan & the Shrines

being bored with the first band.  
taking tequila shots.
justin punching me in the stomach to get rid of hiccups and accidently tossing my beer in the air.
starting a mosh pit.
being put in a head lock by the bouncer for starting a mosh pit.  
trying to tie my shoes in a mosh pit.
bumping into someone else trying to tie his shoes in the mosh pit.
dude getting butt hurt and grabbing my shirt like he was in the fifth grade and going to give me a black eye.  
laughing at dude because it's funny that we both were trying to tie our shoes in a mosh pit.
being put in another headlock for almost getting in a fight.
picking justin up and tossing him on top of the crowd.  
thinking of and then forgetting the most amazing name for my band.
leaving the venue dripping with sweat.  
really, like dripping.  like my jeans were soaked.  jesse soaked through two shirts and a jacket.  like so soaked that the carpet was wet where i took off my clothes.
getting home and eating a bowl of creme of mushroom soup, two pieced of bread w/ butter, a piece of spanakopita and a bowl of cereal for dessert.
all in all.  an amazing night out with the boys.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

how the HELL did anyone get YOU in a headlock?

Sakkis said...

because i let them.