Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things I eat...

Last night after my two egg and sausage dinner I got around to cooking my lunch for the rest of the week.  I took some ground turkey that I defrosted the night before and mixed it with some garlic, herbs and corn.  I've never done this but I like corn and I like burgers, how bad could it be?  Next I cut up a whole onion and caramelized it with some balsamic vinegar.  I set that aside, trying not to nibble at it too much.  Then I formed the patties with my own two hands (that's right, you don't need one of those patty forming gizmos from Bate and Cradle) and tossed them on my Foreman grill.  While they were cooking I mixed together the rest of the corn and some black beans and tossed in a bit of spicy seasoning and some smokey sauce.  I think I'll buy a couple of avocados from China Town and slice that up and throw it on top.  Sound good?  Good.  Thanks.

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