Friday, March 13, 2009

in the hood...

Britt's older sister is in town for the weekend.  Britt, in an effort to show her sister how great our city is and, in essence, get her to move her butt up here, organized a little dinner.   The plan was to meet at Little Star Pizzeria at 8:30 for a pie and some suds.  I sat on my front stoop reading Among the Elephants and drinking a couple cans of Tecate waiting for 8:30 to roll around.   Eventually I got a bit bored and decided to call up Steve.  Arrangements were made that we'd meet at Bean Bag for a beer or two or three to pass the time.  Due to a ridiculous crowd at Bean Bag and only outside sitting, it was freezing last night, we decided to move it over to Mini Bar.  They have pretty decent beer list.  I ordered a Damnation and Steve had a Pliney the Elder.  Not long after we sat down Brenda, Steve's girl joined us.  Soon Ozan walked by and joined us for an ethics debate which was promptly interrupted by the sighting of the rest of the gang across the street.  
Britt's sister knew more about each of us than I think I'm comfortable with.  Well, I guess that the upside is that there was nothing left to be embarrassed about.   We drank more beer, laughed like children, hugged a lot, yelled jokes across the table and smiled like we had nothing in our teeth.  We stuffed our faces with pie and beer.  We even left one slice on the table after paying our bill, which for me, is crazy.  
We moved along down the street for Madrone, which, I believe, is under new ownership and has been improved immensely (still has a way to go though before it becomes a hoody staple).  I ended up having to leave early, work, blegh.  I headed home, eyeballing the cuties who were just heading out.  None of them eyeballed back.  

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