Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My afternoon run

I'm headed out to Aquatic Park.  This afternoons run will be followed by a delicious lunch of 1/2 of a steak and a green bean salad.  I am so looking forward to lunch....mmmmm.

Oh, I guess I should tell you about the clause I've added onto my no-drinking-for-the-month-of-January-New-Years-deal.  Before the holidays my weight was pretty steady around 190-194lbs.  Since then I have yet to drop under the 200lb mark.  So I made a deal with myself that I can't have a drink until I get down and stay below 194lbs for a week.  Wish me luck.

Oh, since we are talking about deals I might as well mention the deal I made with one Mr. Ryan Dempsey.  He's my best friend, but his presence has been lacking.  You see, though he lives only about 10 blocks away, he works weekends as a bartender in the East Bay.  Losing out on your best mate week after week for months on end has started taking it's toll on me.  So the other night, Dempsey and I made a deal; he must find work in the city of San Francisco by July the 4th or I get to punch him square in the face.  When the time comes I suppose I'll offer to wear a glove and give him a shot of his drink of choice before and after.  That's it.  

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