Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Sure with Justin and Patrick 1.2-1.5.09

Heading out, just past the trailhead, in the Andrew Molera State Park.

It's about an eight mile loop.

We saw this.  Bad omen?  Not a chance.

See, our spirits are high.

From here, we climb.

...and climb...

...and climb...

Pat dries his armpits...
Justin follows.

...and we keep climbing.

We get to this little look out.  There is a house behind me but you can't really see it because it is built into the hillside.

...and climbing.  Still climbing.
We ended up climbing about 1,100 feet in just over a mile.  It was sweaty.

If you count this then there are four Fun Guys on this trip.

This was the next day.  We decided to just drive and walk what ever trails we find.  This one went down to the beach.

Cheese, Guac, Wine, Bread, Tostada's.


I feel like the sandman.


Anonymous said...

Jameyscakes! These are awesome pictures and I want some of them, so how do you or I go about that? Looks like so much fun! Mombo

Sakkis said...

You should just be able to drag them from the page to your desk top.

Christine said...

James! You were in my neck of the woods, and I see you hiked Molera. I did that hike New Years morning and saw the same pelican, stranded on the trail.
Same place, different time.
xoxo, christine

Sakkis said...

We actually stopped in Monterey for burritos but I didn't have your number.