Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things I don't like...other than socks.

It really bothers me when the quantity of a food and it's caloric value don't match up.  For instance I just had a bowl of granola for breakfast.  This wasn't your regular granola, this was plank granola by Honest Foods.  It comes two planks per box.  Just looking at it I thought I should eat one whole plank, which, when broken up would have equaled a small to regular sized bowl of granola.  That is until I looked at the nutritional value.  250 calories for half a plank.  Are you kidding me?  Now let me give you some perspective on what half a plank looks like.  It's about four man bites and five or six lady bites.  250 calories for four lousy bites of granola?  If you ask me I say it's a fat set up.  You are being set up to get fat.  I don't need that.  Not now.  Not during the holidays.  Boo Honest Foods plank granola.

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Kay said...

i am suspicious of eating things that come in "planks", but me likey your mathematical breakdown of man bites versus lady bites.