Sunday, October 12, 2008

To my parents.

Mom and Dad,

You are off in beautiful Greece living a life of luxury and adventure.  You've been good at updating us when you can find a internet cafe and the time to sit and write a lengthy email.  I've loved reading about your trips to the beach and restaurants and about the family.  I don't know if you, when you stop into the cafe's or sit in front of the computer, even bother yourself with reading this or Johns blog.  I wouldn't if I were where you are.  But if by chance you do I want you to know that what you may or may not read below has passed.  I'm fine.  I took Thursday off from work to recoup and get healthy.  I have no lasting pain.  I am still waiting for my test results which will hopefully tell me the cause and what I can do to prevent that from ever happening again.  
Anyway, I love you and don't want you to be worried.  Enjoy the rest of your trip, we'll do a slide show and dinner when you get back.  
I love you and miss you.  

Your youngest,
The Poopy Baby.

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