Wednesday, October 8, 2008


For the past two or three days I haven't really eaten anything not made by Kashi.  Well, I've had bites of things but all my main meals, 100% Kashi.  This has pretty much been my routine.
Either one handful of cashews or a small 1/2 cup of Kashi granola or cereal.

Either one string cheese, more cashews or a Kashi snack bar.

Kashi pizza or Kashi pocket type thing, I like the Tuscan Chicken one.  As a side I usually add one of their flavored pilafs, preferably the fiesta one.

It's free, supposedly it's healthy and I don't feel awful.  I'll probably eat more of the same today. 


John Sakkis said...

i ate kashi granoli this morning for breakfast...

can i have more kashi food products?

Sakkis said...

The only thing we really have in abundance is the breakfast food. Everything else gets pretty snatched up.

John Sakkis said...

i'll take it!