Monday, September 29, 2008

This weekend in San Francisco

This is the first weekend I've spent in San Francisco in about four or five weeks.  

Friday night was spent watching the debates with my brother and Cat.  We were both kind of disgusted with the moderation and how the candidates were just left to bicker.  It was also disappointing that certain candidates weren't called out on truths stretched or for trying to redirect the 'conversation.  
Anyway, after that we went to my place for more beers and records.  Brett came over soon after too.  Cat and John bowed out so Brett and I did the usual walk towards the bar and find a cab on the way, which inevitably turned into us walking almost all the way to the bar.  We drank overly priced beers at Deco or Deca or whatever.  I played crappy pool and sliced my finger.  Took a cab home, dropped Brett off and I walked from there to Alamo Square and sat for a while looking out over the city.  Walked home ate a cookie and fell asleep.  

Saturday, breakfast with Brett, Ria and Scott.  Crab cakes florentine.  John and Cat arrived late, ate a bagel with cheese and salsa.  My breakfast was better.  We had decided to spend the day at Baker Beach.  Picked up Jesse Easley on the way and Cat and John opted out.  On the way we drove in a spirally kind of direction but eventually ended up with beer, lime and water.  This left lots of time for trash talking, mostly to me about my 'big ship' story (see below post).  While there we saw the Maltese Falcon sail into the bay.  We drank lots of beer, played frisbee on the beach/in the surf, saw lots of penises of old men (they did, I wear glasses and couldn't see that far down the beach).  We drove in spirally directions on the way home as well.  Jesse and I broke off to eat burritos in the hood and then to his place for beers and a movie, The Fall.  It was pretty.  Home for beers with roomie, chat, chat, chat.  I like my roomie.  Went to meet up with my brother and Cat at Amber.  John had gone home.  Cat and I hung out and for the first time it I felt normal around her.  It was fun.  We talked trash and had beers.  I walked home to go to bed but not before stopping into The Page for a solo beer.  That place always disappoints on the weekends.  Get out of my neighborhood bar you sloppy slutty frat boy assholes!!  Sleep.
Sunday I took off to Moss Beach for a bbq with Steve and Brenda.  Hung out and grilled lots of lamb and chicken sausage, chicken wings, and two pizza's, yes, we grilled pizza.  Played in the tide pools.  Stuck my finger in some weird sea creature, pet large starfish, caught a crab, and saw a stone fish.  
I finally did the laundry last night that I had promised myself I'd do by the end of the week.....three weeks ago.  It got to the point that I was pulling things out from half way down, spraying it with febreeze and tossing it on my back.  Gross. 

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