Thursday, May 15, 2008


That Muay Thai shorts post is starting to bug me so I thought I would move it down by writing some useless crap.

First off.  I have really good looking trash.  At work.  I work in advertising and all the photography, art, illustration, everything, it all gets filtered through me.  And guess what.  We no longer accept art submissions by mail.  That means that all this nice stuff ends up in my circular filing cabinet aka, the trash.  

Second off.  That doesn't sound right, second off.  Secondly, that's better.  Today is the hottest day we've had in San Francisco this year so far.  And guess what.  (this post is full of guess whats)  I don't have to spend it sitting at my desk in an office.  Nope.  The boys of the office have taken it upon themselves to rally and go to a Giants game.  So we leave in an hour to go and drink beer, eat shitty food, and watch America's/the Bay Area's favorite past  

Thirdly.  Tonight Brett Blackburn will be celebrating her birthday in true Blackburn dancing to the beat of Manicato, a Latin funk/reggae band.  I will be right there along side her acting fooling and dancing off some of those beer/nachos/dogs/more beer/garlic fries/beer calories. 

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