Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still here.

I am still at work. It is now 9:30 pm and things don't look like they are going to be letting up any time soon. I don't mind it. I just haven't been outside since 9:00 am. I need my vitamin B mang.

Lets see. Today, since it was a busy day, we've had Chinese food ordered for the whole office. And you know me, if there is free food around I am definitely going back for seconds....and thirds. Oh, and then for dinner we ordered 50 lbs of sushi. So today, I have eaten like, ten meals. Tomorrow is going to be a fasting day for sure. What else?? Oh, if you guess my correct 'morning wight' after this feeding frenzy then you get a hug....from me. My guess is I'll be 196.4.

Update: It is now 11:16 pm and still, no signs of letting up.

Update 2: I didn't get out of the office until around just before 2:00 am.


mombo said...

Hey Jamesycakes...eat more fruit. Ask Johnny where the small market is where he buys fruit. He told me it's very reasonable. And stay away from fruit juices as they are loaded with calories. Just a thought! Mombo p.s. you always look great and healthy.

Anonymous said...

She's right! You look great and healthy and not to mention extremely handsome. I still love your morning weight, so eat your fruit and be happy!! Love you my love, C.c.L

P.s. shhht